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  • Access to Institutional long term capital
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  • Access to some of the fastest growing scale ups
  • Work alongside Institutional Investors
  • Connect existing company relationships to a wider network
  • Exclusive funding opportunities
  • Insight on growth industries
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Funding Stage Signals - every Company has a ‘live’ colour coding on our platform

  • Not currently seeking funding for 12 months

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  • Companies provide access to their pitch deck and teaser video behind our membership firewall
  • Investors have plenty of time to assess management, plans and strategy, months ahead of a fund raise, providing the founders with feedback and price discovery on valuations
  • Partners and Advisers help companies scale their business, and prepares them for institutional fund raises
  • TGS provides tech enabled insight on intelligently sourced companies, whilst our regulated, experienced team focuses on the book building process, liaising between fund managers and company management to close deals

"How does it work?"

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Introducing PriValu

PriValu is a regulatory compliant tool for valuing private investments, exclusively designed for Institutional Investors. It provides fund managers with an accurate means of appraising, monitoring and benchmarking private company valuations through their growth stage until IPO.

  • Requested by Institutions for regulatory reasons, it also saves time, money and helps liquidity
  • PriValu is a joint venture with The Growth Stage, independent of investment banks and brokers

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